Twintastic Four
I'm a father of twins. I drink ALOT.

Egg Hunting!


Reblog if you are a gaming couple, mom, or dad. I’d like to see how many of you guys are out there! Whether you play MMO’s, console games, etc.

Also, can you let me know if there are any websites for gaming parents? If not, would you like there to be one?

Diablo 3 all the way!!!

I feel you. Right now I have my Mom and several folks who the children tolerate that we can call in. Once we move for my husband’s job, that all goes away…

Oh man, that’s going to suck so bad. It’s almost like you’re constantly trapped. I’m sorry :( I hope for the best for ya’ll

Do you have any friends with kids that you could trade babysitting with? They watch your kids for a few hours and then you watch their kids for a few hours?

Lol we actually don’t. No one is really interested in trading the twins for their one kid. It’s like effing pokemon cards. It’s just a bad trade lol.

It really sucks not having a support network for the kids.  We have my parents and that’s it.  No one else to watch the kids or babysit for a few hours.  Her side of the family is a no-go, but that’s a different story.  It just kind of sucks because we never ever get any time for a date night, a movie, or anything.  I almost feel selfish for thinking that, but come on…you need some personal time too. 

Oh course most of our friends who have kids think we are constantly bailing out on them.  It’s getting to the point where no one even calls anymore to even see if we’d like to do something.  But who can blame them?  Having no network fucking sucks. 

No me gusta.

lucky i can’t wait for lidelina to be done with bottles. jake broke himself at a year. if lina does we will be done with bottles in a month and a half!

I hope it works out for you. I guess we were lucky and didn’t have a single issue with going off bottles. It’s that relief of “Hey, I don’t have to wash bottles anymore”. That’s gotta be the most exciting part lol.

Anakin went through a fish stick, french fry, chicken nugget, and pizza roll phase. It lasted over a year. T.T Rarely would he eat much else.
I have a feeling we’re stuck in that too lol.  I haven’t tried fish sticks or pizza rolls, but quesadillas are a new favorite!
Now for picky kids that only want to eat specific things! Woo

Dude they won’t eat a damn thing. It’s sad. I’ve tried every kind of food that I can think of, and they just throw it. They’re on a yogurt, oatmeal, and french fry diet. It’s like they’re stoners.