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Anonymous asked:

Is Sawyer deaf?

He is not.  We thought so for the first few months, but he can hear.  He has some sensory, speech, and developmental issues that we’re working on.  But he’s doing amazing with therapy, so i’m very very hopeful for the future.  He’s such a sweetheart and it just makes me sad that he can’t really communicate what he wants, needs, feels, or anything.  But after last night, I’m thinking he will be just fine :)


Sawyer had his 2nd session with the speech therapist yesterday.   She is super sweet, and even lets Emerson get in on the activities.  They work together for about an hour, once a week, and we work with him the rest of the time.  But yesterday, was an extra special session.  Sawyer signed for the 1st time ever!!!!!!!  It’s probably the first time he has really communicated anything to us, to let us know something. 

The therapist was blowing bubbles, while the kids were running around trying to pop them.  The therapist, the kids’ mom, and myself were all standing around doing the sign for “more”, and trying to get him to understand that when he does that specific sign, it means more of something.  So more bubbles start flying around, and the kids are losing their minds.  We start to ask Sawyer if he wants more, and he started signing for “more” and clapping his hands!!!  Of course I start jumping up and down freaking out like a little school girl.

The other amazing part of therapy was that he sat down for 10 whole minutes, and did a puzzle.  After showing him a few times, he was able to get the pieces and start figuring it out for himself.  But he literally sat on the couch for 10 minutes, didn’t move off of it once, and did that puzzle over and over.  

 I can’t find the words to express how happy I am for him.  I love my little guy so much..